Kellyanne Conway to Husband: ‘Stop Disrespecting Trump or Get Out of MY House!’

trouble in paradise?

Many people have often wondered about dinner table conversation topics between counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway and her husband George, a vehement critic of the president. Well, now we know.

Apparently the latest ad from George Conway’s brainchild, the Lincoln Project, was the straw that broke the camel’s back and caused Ms. Conway to finally blow her stack. The ad in question, which clearly mocks the president’s mental abilities, features a Seinfeld-based laugh track superimposed on a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace and was posted on the Lincoln Project’s Twitter feed.

The couple was inadvertently recorded by CBS news cameraman Joe Barron as they were leaving the White House last Thursday after a dinner with other White House aides. Mr. Barron had just finished taping an interview with Kayleigh McEnany when the couple stormed out of the side entrance of the White House engaged in a heated argument. A heavily censored transcript of the argument is shown below:

Kellyanne: “How dare you post that filth on Twitter! How many times have I told you to stop that b*llsh*t? This is my job we’re talking about, you limp wristed pr**k! I’m sick and tired of having to explain your crap to the president!”

George: “Look, I have my own job and it’s not my fault you decided to work for a f*cking moron!”

Kellyanne: “Get stuffed! That ‘f*cking moron’ pays our bills, you idiot!”

George: “That f*cking moron is probably who gave you that case of the Blue Waffles, because I know damn well it wasn’t me!  You haven’t fulfilled your wifely duties in years!”

Kellyanne: “If I had a real man as a husband we wouldn’t be there, now would we? Now stop this Lincoln Project crap or get the hell out of MY house!”

George: “Wait, is that camera still rolling?”

Kellanne: “Lovely dinner dear, wasn’t it?”

George: “The crab bisque was to die for, honey bunny.”

Oi vey. It definitely sounds like there’s trouble in paradise. Could this be Splitsville for the Conways?

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