Pelosi Punishes Rep. Ted Yoho for Calling AOC a ‘F****** B****’

She's taking his pension!

When passionate patriot Ted Yoho, Red-Blooded Republican Representative from Florida, called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “f******b****,” she totally deserved it. It wasn’t uncalled for or unprofessional at all, which is why Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to it is so out of line.

Speaker Pelosi is calling a vote next week to censor Rep. Yoho for his outburst. (I would have said “censure,” but the average tater will have no idea what that means, so I’m counting on “censor” to trigger a First Amendment/Constitutional crisis in their little tater brains.)

She’s also going to kick him off the prestigious and very exclusive Committee to Protect Fragile Masculinity from Badass Young Women. During the Obama administration, when all sorts of namby-pamby girly stuff was made law, the CPFMBYA was formed by terrified, ancient Republican Representatives who desperately wanted to remain relevant and powerful. Haha.

When asked for comment about his punishments from extremely powerful Pelosi, Rep. Yoho turned red enough in the face to match his MAGA hat and sputtered, “These f****** b****** really need to remember their place. Congress is a men’s club, and they’re just here because of some affirmative action bullsh*t. I know I’m like 800 years old and a member of a dying political party, but I’m still relevant. I am!”

Our intrepid women’s history reporter, Sandy Batt, reached AOC to ask what she thought of Representative Yoho’s punishment. She smiled that 1,000-watt smile that made her famous and said,

“Poor little guy. I understand his sad, pathetic outburst. His relevance is waning. It must be so sad for him to watch his importance just….fade away.”

Sandy Batt also reached Powerful Pelosi for comment, before she got too drunk to respond. “Hell, yeah, I’m censoring him, kicking him off that stupid committee, and for good measure, I’m going to take away his pension.”

There’s a moral in this story for terrified Republican men, isn’t there?


  1. Nancy should loose her pension for tearing up the peoples speech President Trump made.

  2. It’s *lose, not loose, and she didn’t do anything that would warrant losing her pension. JFC, what’s it like, being so clueless?

  3. Ted Yoho was not planning on running again this year anyway, so the joke’s on AOC (also known as horse teeth)!