White House Initiates Judicial Subsection 21 To Remove RBG Over Health Issues

The truth is right in front of you

It’s been quite obvious for some time now that Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, is not well. Her age has caught up with her, leading to her body breaking down. Now President Trump and Bill Barr are speaking out about how this should alarm all Americans.

Attorney General Barr recently showed concern over Ginsberg‘s health, not because he likes her and wishes her well, but because he believes her medical conditions may affect her decision making. He points to studies that link serious illness with altered mentality, and has suggested that her cancer, for instance, may make her unable to make sound decisions for the good of all citizens.

He went on:

“When one faces death, your mind begins to travel in a million different directions. Ultimately though, they come out of it in a much more selfish state. Facing one’s own mortality invariably leads one to realize that other people don’t matter and that they should look out for themselves. So now we find that we have a justice who has ceased to care one iota for what is good for America and only wants to leave a legacy of her own. She is no longer impartial and, for that reason, it is high time that she moves on to retirement. And to be clear I’m not talking about President Trump.

As she does not seem willing to do this on her own, steps must be taken to do it for her. I have initiated federal statute 21 USC §§333, 352 & 21 CFR §332.30(b) to address this issue and move it along.”

For those unfamiliar with the statute, scholar Joe Barron gave it to us in simple terms:

“The judiciary must remain composed of those with sound mind and judgment, for obvious reasons. Justices cannot be relied upon to police themselves, and so it is up to higher government and outside legal forces to address issues without bias.

Initiation of evaluation can be brought about through use of this section if all of the criteria points for suspicions of mental diminishment have been met.”

The statute then goes on to list a variety of symptoms to look out for including dissent from majority decisions and stubborn refusal to cooperate with others on the bench. Ginsburg fits these, without a doubt.

She will have to undergo a series of tests administered by mental health professionals, each of whom will be chosen by the president himself in order to ensure that they are impartial and fair. Their reports will determine Ginsberg‘s status going forward.

Should she be deemed unfit, the door will be open to appointing a new justice – an opportunity that Trump will seize. An opening could bring the conservative majority to the nation’s top bench that this country so desperately needs in order to regain its morality.

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  1. Interesting. I have been praying for her to step down of her own accord for some time, before I heard of her last cancer bout. It’s pretty obvious that she is tenaciously hanging onto her position to prevent another justice from being named at the present time. I would prefer she just do it on her own but if she won’t, and it’s legal, I’m all for it.

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