Obama: ‘I Really Don’t Know That Trump Was Born In the U.S.’

The truth is right there in front of you

Barack Obama is really pulling out the stops to get his friend and former Vice President Joe Biden elected in November. He’s stopping at nothing to get people to believe that Donald Trump is not who he says he is, even race-baiting now!  Trump has been extremely gracious to his predecessor, and this is how Obama repays him.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Barack Hussein Obama said “I really don’t know that Trump was born in the U.S.,” attempting to start a birther theory on the current president. He had said to Cooper, “Is there proof that he was born here? Don’t tell me his parents said so, they are biased and have reason to lie.”

Cooper was stunned by the accusation, even though Anderson Cooper is a never Trumper.

Joseph Barron, the top White House historian, is horrified at Obama’s assertion that Donald Trump may not have been born here, or a citizen.

“Maybe he’s just turning the table on Trump, because Trump had questioned Obama’s citizenship and his qualifications to be president,” Barron said, pointing out that, “Trump should produce documents to shut that theory down, and we can pick it apart and still call him unqualified.”

Many of the Trump faithful know this is simply just fake news tactics to hurt our president. They know Trump is not only the ultra American, but also on their side. They look around at this mess and say “Yep, another 4 years of disaster and disappointment works well for me! Trump 2020!!!”  There is nothing to stop their love, admiration, and undying worship of a man who got extra points on his cognitive test.

As for Obama, this is just another weak attempt at division in this country. The division he has sewn proudly for years. He had divided the US from the embarrassment of the Bush administration so well, that we were once again admired and respected as a world power, and in just 3.5 short years, trump has completely destroyed that. Good luck Obama! You’re gonna need it!!!

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