Chicago’s Mayor Caught Saying in Private That She Needs Trump’s Help

Trump is always right, even when he's never right.

Chicago’s mayor Gloria Lightfeed has been in a real predicament all of these years. Her weak policies have created a firestorm in her city of record violence like never seen before.

She was caught on a private phone call talking with her best friend from high school sharing her regrets.

“I know he’s right. I just don’t want to admit it. D*mn it, why does he always have to be right!? I can’t admit that I need his help. What would he think? Can you imagine admitting that we’ve been doing it wrong all this time?”

Truly, her failed leadership is responsible for decades of problems in the windy city. Trump knows of these troubles and has had enough. So, it’s not surprising that he’s sending unmarked, unconstitutional, federal troops to arrest hundreds of American city in what can only be described as what conservatives feared would happen during the Obama years.

Of course, then it never happened. But, now it is.

When questioned about the fictitious phone call, Mayor Lightfoot denied it ever took place. She also denies ever saying Donald Trump is right… about anything. Mainly because he is a babbling racist idiot who doesn’t make good decisions and is guided by puppetmasters over at Fox News who are now calling the shots.

Any smart woman of color would side with not doing what Trump wants to do, ever. Hence why he surrounds himself with dumbasses like Diamond and Silk.

None of this matters with Trump’s plans though. So, he will be sending his fascist army into Chicago and other major cities across the country in hopes that it will be enough of a team sport to keep his knuckle-dragging fans excited and engaged.

In the meantime, rational Americans will watch as the United States is crippled by a deadly disease as the country looks more and more like Germany in the 1930s.

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