Bill Gates Announces Plan To Run For President

The truth is right in front of you

Tech tycoon, microchip advocate, and depopulation promoter, Bill Gates, is said to be making a major announcement next week. The word is that he is throwing his hat into the ring to become President of the United States this fall.

Gates is an incredibly wealthy man and is self-made from nothing. Through his entrepreneurship, he built an empire for himself and he feels that he can translate his personal success in business to success in government.

It’s a strategy that is not without precedent, as our current commander-in-chief, President Trump, ran his campaign on the same logic.

Gates spokesman, Joe Barron, expanded on this idea:

“Mr. Gates is wealthy beyond measure. He started with absolutely nothing working out of his parents garage. He knows how to create success.

It’s true that Mr. Trump ran on the promise to translate his business success to the governing of America in order to make it a success, to make it great again. The thing is, he really hasn’t been that successful. He inherited tens of millions from daddy and built from there. Along the way he screwed up God knows how many times and lost God knows how many billions of dollars.

Mr. Gates, on the other hand, really did start with nothing and his net worth is 100 times more than Trump’s. He made much more money and did so in less time. Now that’s a success story. That is a successful businessman.

Trump is nothing more than a con man and you can’t con America. The American people wanted a business success to run America – that is not Trump. That is Bill Gates 100 times over. Vote Gates 2020.“

The logic of the Gates campaign is sound but must be seen with suspicion because he’s rich and we all know that great wealth is a sign of corruption. Except in the case of Trump, of course. Trump is the most honest man in the world.

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