Clinton Associate Spotted In Judge’s Neighborhood Shortly After Shooting

The truth is right in front of you

It appears that there is a connection between the Clintons and the recent shooting at the home of a federal judge. The judge had recently been assigned a case related to the late Jeffrey Epstein. Two days after the assignment, the shooting occurred.

The Clintons, of course, are natural suspects because of the former president’s close relationship with the late and perverted billionaire. The two were very close and Bill had visited Epstein Isle, said to be a den of debauchery, often.

The Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, would have much to lose if details of their private life with Epstein were to get out.

Sources inside the FBI have leaked that the elusive “Clinton connection“ may have been found. Rumor has it that the feds have a witness who saw a man known to be a close Clinton associate in the area around the time of the shooting. He was said to have fled the scene shortly after the violent event.

If this is true, an indictment of President Clinton could not be far off. This would be the arrest of the century and many other mysterious deaths that were thought to be linked to the Clinton family may also be solved. This is huge.

Special Agent Joe Barron agrees, and couldn’t hide his excitement:

“This would be the biggest bust of my career. I’m all aflutter. I’m so nervous.

I’d like to thank my fellow agents for believing in me all these years, my mom for sending me down a path into law-enforcement, and my agent-in-charge, Sandy Batt, who assigned me this case, showing such confidence in me.

Who did I miss? Oh yeah, I need to thank the Clintons themselves for being so sloppy with this particular crime, which happened to be the one that I was assigned.

And, of course, I have to thank God for believing in me and giving me the skills and talent to make this case.”

Further details on the actual case itself were not given by the special agent, because it’s fictitious, but are expected in the coming days. This case will certainly be a career-maker for Special Agent Baron and give him a bright future. We wish him luck.

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