Nancy Pelosi’s Mask Budget Is Over $2,000 Per Week

Cova yo face!

If there is anything a Democrat knows how to do, wasting taxpayer money ranks up there at an expert level. It seems the government’s purse just gets larger and larger in their greedy, beady little eyes. It has come to the attention of investigative journalist Sandy Batt that the Pelosi office has been spending, on average, $2,000 per week, on face masks that coordinate with Nancy’s many pantsuits.

Joe Barron, Nancy’s personal assistant said:

“She has an addiction to those masks. We thought her alcoholism was strong, well her compulsive mask purchasing is off the charts! She sees the fun prints. She loves the textures. She feels like the mask is a fashion-forward accessory that is here to stay. Honestly, she’s having a lot of fun with it. She calls it ‘pandemic retail therapy.'”

And, that retail therapy is coming at a pretty penny. Apparently, the drunk Speaker of the House stays up late at night with her double dirty martinis, straight up, her Amazon Kindle, QVC tuned into the tv and her “Corporate American Express” card that is connected right to the department of treasury.

To date, she has spent over $30k on masks since stay at home orders were put in place in March and every single cent of that has been taxpayer money. It is said that the increased expense is because Nancy insists on only purchasing name brand masks from designers.

Can you imagine spending someone else’s money on designer face masks? I can’t!

However, I can imagine spending it on just regular masks, which really appears to be what Pelosi wears. In fact, the company she buys them from donates masks for every purchase. They aren’t that expensive and wearing a mask keeps your spit droplets from potentially killing someone you get close to. So, wear a mask. Save a life.

Just do it so we can get this over with and get back to complaining about having to do stuff and wishing we were home!

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