Minneapolis Policing Replacement Will Include Sharian Tribunals

All over the country, we are hearing calls from the left to “defund the police.“ People want to abolish police forces and replace them with something “kinder and gentler.”

One of the first cities to make this a reality was Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the Council voted with a 90 percent majority to proceed with the defunding process.

Minneapolis then embarked on a mission to create a new system of justice for the city. Proposals were heard from groups both large and small who had ideas on how this could be done. Some of the ideas were obvious, such as better training for the replacement patrols, more community outreach, and better access to mental health care. Others bordered on lunacy.

While the final list of programs and features that will be implemented has not yet been made, one particular aspect has been decided upon. Minneapolis city council wants to see religion play a larger part in the justice system. In some cases, faith groups will be used to dole out appropriate punishments for misdemeanor crimes. Among those faiths that will be participating are the local mosques of the Islam tradition.

Minneapolis imams will establish legally sanctioned “Hod Ruus’alor Tribunals” which are said to “provide a guide and meaning to the way.” The tribunals will act similarly to a courtroom, hearing evidence, allowing defense, but then inflicting a theological, not legal, punishment, the severity of which will be based on a whim, in much the same way that sentences are decided upon today.

Critics say that this will be the implementation of sharia law. Proponents claim this could not be less true. Chief Cleric, Joe Barron, explains:

“The Hod Ruus’alor Tribunal has nothing to do with Islam. It is a tradition taken from another oppressed people who created it to show them the way as they transformed themselves into moral and heroic warriors and bounty hunters.”

The decisions of this tribunal will be final and will not be subject to appeals. Once the magistrate administered punishment and says, “I have spoken”, the process is complete. Should the criminal fail to abide by the decision, the defunded police will be called to incarcerate him or her.

This is a Christian nation. We will not be subject to trial by the Men of Dalore, as these clerics call themselves. This must be struck down.

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