Dr. Fauci Confirms That Controversy Will End on November 4, the Day After the Election

The fog will lift on November 4.

A few things in life are certain: the sun rises in the east, everyone has to pay taxes (except, apparently, our fearless leader), and this virus nonsense is a Soros-Clinton-Obama-Rothschild-Ooga-Booga hoax*. On the rest, it seems our country is torn apart and will never come together again.

That’s why the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci are so reassuring:

“As soon as this election is over and impeached president Donald Trump has lost in a crushing, humiliating, blue tsunami of an ass-whooping, all controversy will cease and the grownups in the room will admit that COVID-19 is a real thing.”

It’s almost like he knows his days in the administration are numbered and he might as well do all he can to, you know, save American lives while he still has the microphone.

He continued, “It baffles my mind that we’re arguing about masks. It’s the one thing we can all do, easily, that will stop this horrible thing from spreading. On November 4, when Trump is officially a lame duck, President-Elect-to-be Joe Biden will address the nation and put the controversy to rest.”

In the meantime, however, Donald Trump will insist that up is down, science is a fraud, the virus is just a cold, and that he’ll win reelection in the fall.

Don’t fall for it. Be a responsible American. The virus is real.

If you refuse to wear a mask — when it’s been scientifically proven to protect people — ask yourself why. Dig deep and think hard.

Why won’t you wear it? How will you feel when you find out that you’ve been carrying the virus around for two weeks, spreading it to your friends, family, and strangers?

Will you care? If you will, then wear your damn mask. If you won’t, then your selfishness is a morally reprehensible disgrace.

Good luck living with the shame of infecting and possibly killing others for the rest of your miserable life.

*No, it’s not. Jesus Horatio Christ. It’s real. Wear your damn mask.

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