Conservatives Are the Most Compassionate Americans

The truth is right there in front of you

Conservatives were found to be the most compassionate Americans a study had found this week. They were surveyed and the results tell it all. Conservatives have the most compassion for any political persuasion, especially more than their liberal counterparts.

When it came to wearing masks, conservative were compassionate about not wearing them and not caring if they kill anyone. They were also pretty compassionate about their racism, too. Everything that is absolutely horrible, they are very passionate about it. Whether it be a criminally inept president, inequality, the racist confederate flag, it didn’t matter. These are a group of the most compassionate people and about the worst things.

Joe Barron and Sandy Batt, two people that most conservatives couldn’t hold a candle to, agree. Conservatives are compassionate about holding on to their stupidity and hatred. As a matter of fact, many conservatives are so compassionate, they will send other people’s children to get sick and die in schools. Not their kids, mind you. But others.

And yes, there are stupid enough people to want to send their own kids into a COVID hotspot, and that should do wonders for these ignorant mouth breathers at home.

This really shouldn’t even be a question, especially for you idiots who claim to be Christians.

Would Jesus wear a mask?

You’re damned right he would have. Because, if you read the Bible, even badly, he told you to care for one another. Not throw temper tantrums screaming “but Muh freedumbs!!!!” because you’re not getting your way. Help your fellow Americans you goddamned potatoes. Live up to what you expect from others.

You know what takes freedom from people? Death. Taking a mother from a son. You’re willing to risk the lives of others so you don’t have to be mildly inconvenienced for the 23 minutes that you’re in a grocery store? Are you f*cking kidding me??? Are you that selfish and ignorant that you would kill your fellow Americans because you’re this stupid?

Wear a mask you assh*les.

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