More and More Americans Choose Freedom Over a Mask


Thomas Paine said it in 1776: “These are the times that try men’s souls,” and goddamn if that doesn’t apply just as well today as it did 244 years ago.

Yes, these are the days that try men’s and women’s souls. These are the days that doing a simple thing like wear a f*cking mask turns into a ridiculous dick-wagging contest between faux patriots who claim to be the MOST FREE and the MOST PATRIOTIC and the MOST ‘MURICAN.

Just, no. You know what’s patriotic and American?

Giving a damn about your neighbors, your family, the guy who bags your groceries, the woman who delivers your crap from Amazon, the doctors, and nurses who are literally dying in service to their Hippocratic oath to save lives…even the lives of f*cking idiots who are literally KILLING people with this f*cking virus.

My friend’s mom died of COVID-19 today. Her name was Maureen. She and my friend wore their masks (which protects YOU from THEM), followed the rules, and they both got sick.

Maureen died after improving to the point last week that she was going to be discharged from the hospital, but she took a sudden turn for the worse. Maureen died after the doctors tried different medications. Maureen died after only a few hours in hospice care.

Maureen died alone, with my friend on the other side of a window, unable to be with his mom as she died.

Maureen died because we have a mentally ill narcissist in the Oval Office who insisted that 15 cases would go down to zero in a few days. Maureen died because Ron De Santis has his head up his ass and refused to shut down his state to save his own citizens.

Maureen died because of this stupid, f*cked up “American” ethos that disregards any social contract that once bound us together as a people and has now frayed, perhaps irreparably.

Mauren died. Say her name. Wear your f*cking mask. And f*ck Trump.


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