Democrats Demand Next Federal Budget Must Include Slavery Reparations


Pandering is what Democrats do best. They do things to appease their base but never follow through with any actual legislation.

It has been the backbone of their political strategy for decades and it continues to this day.

The latest example is their stated proposal for the next budget. Democrats have announced that they will be seeking to have included in the federal budget a demand for the beginning of payments of slavery reparations.

This is more pandering yet again, what they do best.

This is obviously not something that President Trump will agree to, but they’re adamant that he must. Pelosi explained their position in a written statement to the press:

“Our ancestors did a terrible, terrible thing. They did it for centuries and then they did nothing to right the wrong. As a result, everything sucks now. We have to fix this for the betterment of society.

There’s only one way to repair the damage and that is with moolah. Lots and lots of money. We’re thinking that the entire budget will do the trick, less our salaries of course. Defunding the military will pay lots of African Americans all by itself. Oh, and Joe Barron stays on the payroll too. That’s a requirement of this bill!

This is not unreasonable. It is our duty. America owns up to their mistakes. It’s in our moral code. They should not be abandoned. This money, essentially, stands up for American values.“

Pelosi’s statement is laughable. America never admits mistakes nor do we make good on anything. We don’t have to because we are America. Just read the history books. They never mention that America did anything wrong. And history books are never deceitful at all. God bless us.

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