Hillary Shocker: ‘If It Were Legal, I Would Have Aborted Chelsea’


Those who support the termination of pregnancies are without conscience. The very fact that they support the murder of the helpless and innocent perfectly illustrates their warped morality. Pro-choice nuts are a plague on America and the world and Hillary Clinton is the Plague Queen.

Hillary Clinton has never left any doubt as to her position on abortion. Throughout her life, she has been vocally pro-choice and has fought for this right throughout her political career.

Now, much to the shock and dismay of the Clintons’ only offspring, Chelsea, a shocking admission has come from the former First Lady.

Hillary Clinton was recently interviewed by the Dunning-Kruger Times about the extremely controversial topic of murdering babies. Interviewer Joe Barron probed into Hillary‘s life, questioning whether she had personal experience with the topic at hand. Hillary’s reply left him floored.

“I had several abortions in the 90s and a couple in the late 80s. It was my right to do so as it had been made fully legal and I took advantage of this legal procedure. I do not use any contraception as Bill does not like condoms, and so multiple abortions became necessary.

When we were in Arkansas and Chelsea was conceived, the legal right to terminate pregnancy was not available. The laws in the state at that time were antiquated and the punishments for abortion severe.

Chelsea’s birth was something I had no choice in as I did not want to go to jail and I lacked the courage to use other means.

Had abortion been legal at the time, I most certainly would have aborted Chelsea. I hate kids.”

This is a cold and heartless thing to hear from a mother. I can only imagine the damage hearing these words will do to Chelsea Clinton, words that she will haunt her for the rest of her life.

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