Ilhan Omar Loses Her Primary Election

A surprise loss!

Just call Representative Ilhan Omar a one-hit-wonder, or rather, a one-term Congressperson. Democrats across Minnesota are surprised as election results roll in, showing that she has lost her primary and will leave office in January. All poll results leading up to the primary gave her the lead over her opponent for the Democratic nomination, Sandy Batt. Shocking!

Now for the even better news: Now that she has lost, a whole month before the Minnesota primary is actually scheduled to be held, Omar will be deported. In a completely believable and not at all ridiculous turn of events, it has come to light that she was never in this country legally. Yes, patriots, at the wizened age of 12, she engineered her own illegal entry into the United States.

Way back in 1995, before Barack Obama had even entered politics, he decided that filling Minnesota with Muslims from war-torn African nations would be a great idea to help him win the presidency 13 years later. Totally makes sense, right?

So he handpicked Ilhan Omar and her family from a refugee camp in KENYA (see how it’s all coming together??), imported them to the United States, and got Nancy Pelosi to use stolen taxpayer money to pay for all of their schooling, housing, clothing, cell phones, expensive cars, and private mosques.

Then, years later, as soon as Omar was naturalized as a United States citizen (after Pelosi paid for a stand-in to take her citizenship exam), Obama personally committed ballot fraud to make sure Omar would win her Congressional race in Minnesota. We’re still investigating why having a Muslim woman who was born in Somalia win a Congressional race would be a crucial part of some crazy conspiracy theory cooked up by nut jobs who still insist Obama was born in Kenya, but here we are.

Because Omar was never here legally, now she’ll be deported. She has until January 20, her final day in office, to arrange transportation back to Somalia.


It all makes sense, right?


  1. if she committed fraud why is she still in office..get her out..everything she has done is not legal

  2. If this news is true it will be terrific news for all of America. Omar has been nothing but a thorn in the side of Congress since her being elected. Her being deported back to Somalia is wonderful news a god place for her. She has been noting but a disgrace to America, Congress and the American people. She is all about what is illegal here in America and has milked her position in Congress to the fullest. She should be stripped of her naturalized citizenship, stripped of her position in Congress as if she never was a member being she is all about illegal. The rest of the so called squad should be removed and sent on their way back to their native countries beings they are not happy here and have nothing good to say about America. We need to clean out our Congress of those who do not represent America in the highest of standards. One down hopefully and 3 to go!! Omar has been deathly against America almost completely and preached it daily. She should have never been elected to serve in our US Congress. will be good riddance to Omar if it is at all true..

  3. I still can’t imagine a clearly United States hater was voted to the US Congress, specially now with the truth surfacing about her illegal marriage to her own brother and money scams she made with donation and campaign contributions with her present husband, so unbelievable, I hope she gets suit after she finish her term or sooner and deported to her country of birth.

  4. So Barack Obama went to all this trouble to bring people from other countries to vote for him when he could’ve done what trump did
    Get hillbillies to vote for him…unbelievable!!!

  5. Hopefully she has gotten beat & next that she is going back to her home country. & hopefully her return to USA will be permanently blocked!!!!!!!!!