Trump Orders Post Office to Stop Delivering Mail-In Ballots

The truth is right in front of you

With the swift stroke of his pen, President Donald Trump made the biggest step in eliminating voter fraud that our great nation has ever seen. The Executive Order, which was titled the “Fair Uniform Counting Keeps Everyone Dedicated, United, and Present” Act ensures that the Post Office will no longer be permitted to deliver mail-in ballots to voters and polling locations. It will also strengthen voter ID requirements.

To further create efficiency, polling locations will be limited in high-density areas that have higher percentages of minorities and women than is standard in rural areas of the country and increased in areas where semi-literate white males tend to congregate.

Locations, where forms of identification can be obtained, are also expected to be closed in the name of efficiency under similar criteria as the closing of polling locations. To curb any residual fraud nationally, voter registration rolls will be purged alphabetically by party.

Democrats are scheduled to be purged later this month, independents next month, and Republicans at the beginning of December.

No exceptions were allowed for overseas members of the military. The 10th Amendment challenges that will be brought by liberal states such as New York, Illinois, and California are expected to be tossed, as no one is saying that people cannot vote by mail, only that the Post Office will not be permitted to deliver the ballots.

Instances of fraud are expected to be eliminated simply by purging the Democrats and independents, thus eliminating the need to purge Republican voter rolls.

Our great President is returning the power to the people and draining the swamp and because of actions like this Executive Order, will win in a landslide this November.

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