Study Finds Rural Americans Are The Most Oppressed

This land is my land!

A national study has found that there most certainly is discrimination and oppression in America, and it’s not who the liberal media tells you it is. Rural Americans are the most discriminated against and oppressed in America, and it’s widespread.

These most patriotic Americans are discriminated against at alarming rates and it’s accepted as “normal.”

While others have marches and months dedicated to them, Caucasian conservative Christians get nothing except for hate and backlash. These good, holy people are always getting the short end of the stick, the study found.  No matter what, they’re expected to take it, and it’s only gotten worse after the election of President Donald Trump.

Dr. Sandra Batt conducted the study earlier this year and was surprised by the findings. She knew there was some discrimination, but nowhere on this level. She was dumbfounded by this, she had no idea what was actually happening in the mainstream media and even in big cities and even crazier, restaurants and supermarkets. It is certainly becoming an issue, she said.

These patriots are being held to a standard that they can’t possibly keep. Whether it’s treating gay people or people of color with any ounce of decorum, they feel it’s unfair to have to do that. For years they’ve misinterpreted and played with their own bible to be able to discriminate against people they hated, and now it’s harder to do that, with laws directed at them.  No more can they deny service to or scream epithets at people they hate. They must treat them as equals. It’s just unfair.

When it comes to going into public nowadays, they’re being forced to wear face coverings, and no matter how much they lie or pretend like the pandemic isn’t happening, it doesn’t matter. They are refused service for not complying with the rules, which they find extremely unfair. I mean, it’s one thing to deny service to someone you hate, but another thing completely when it’s a rule to save others’ lives.

It’s even worse online, where they are made fun of for butchering the English language and grammar. It’s gotten to the point where they can’t spread their hateful message without being called out and taken to the woodshed for being as stupid as they are. They miss the old days where their garbage was widely accepted and they were never challenged. Now, it’s one hit after the other.

Now, with the upcoming elections, they are worried if they lose, everything they’ve worked so hard for will be destroyed. They’re even losing their confederate flag. It’s just not fair to be treated how they’ve treated everyone else.

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  1. Wow, i guess every middle class rural american is only a white Christian, how fucking ignorant of you. The real issues are maritime law and classism, but seeing as how you only did partial research in order to slam people you don’t understand you probably don’t know anything about that either.