‘Russian Bounty’ Leaker Revealed To Be On Clinton Foundation Payroll

The truth is right in front of you

The recent story that’s been broadcast all over the fake news media about a Russian bounty on our soldiers in Afghanistan is just another lie. There’s an election coming up, and will be seeing many more such lies on the airwaves. Democrats will stop at nothing to win.

Now the source of this information has been revealed. Though no name has been discovered yet, it is known who the lying scumbag works for. That employer is none other than the Clinton Foundation

The State Department leaker leaked the leaker’s employment information to our editor late last night. And there is there was plenty of other suspicious information in that email. It follows:

“The leaker is a fraud. He’s part of the deep state cabal. His name is known, but I cannot give it to you now. He will disappear soon.

What I can tell you is enough to reveal his true intentions with the so-called bombshell report we are seeing. Joe Barron works for the Clinton Foundation and has done so for almost 30 years. The Clinton Foundation, of course, is operated by none other than George Soros.

Soros, in turn, is the CEO of Antifa. Antifa is the military arm of the deep state. The deep state is the movement formed by the New World Order. And, as you know, the NWO is managed by Communist China. I realize that you know most of that already but I thought it bore repeating.

I trust you will send this new and accurate information out into the world so that our reelection chances will not be harmed.“

We knew it was going to be something like this, didn’t we? MSM is in deep cahoots with the deep state and they’re doing everything they can to remove Trump from office. They do not want him to regreaten America.

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