Declassified Flight Logs Show Bolton’s Many Trips On Epstein’s Jet

John Bolton has been revealed to be a traitor to America in recent weeks. He has committed the worst crime of saying nasty things about our President and leaked national security secrets in his new book. That is why it is no surprise that his name was found in the flight logs of Epstein’s jet on many trips to Epstein Isle.

Jeffrey Epstein was a known pedophile and anyone that went to his isle was going for nefarious purposes. Bolton and Trump were good friends with Epstein and made several visits to the Isle along with another mysterious guest that went by the name of “Lady G” on the flight logs. These heinous crimes are worse than treason.

Joe Barron, FBI agent in charge of the Epstein case, gave this statement to the Dunning-Kruger Times:

“We are aware of Bolton being on the newly unearthed flight logs. We will be opening an investigation into the matter. We see he took several trips with Trump over the years. We all know what happened on that island, so we can only assume that Bolton was involved. We hope we can get justice for these victims.”

Bolton is guilty.

Trump’s activities on Epstein Isle would explain his leaking of state secrets and loyalty to Russia. Many people are saying the Russians may have known of his little secrets and used it to blackmail him into doing their bidding. If this is true, the whole Republican party is likely compromised and need to be investigated.

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