Liberals and BLM Petition to Change the Name of the White House

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

The movement to strip history and heritage is reaching new levels of ridiculous heights. Liberals along with Black Lives Matter have started a petition that has over 25 million signatures to change the name of the White House to The People’s House, stating that “White” is oppressive and racist.

The White House has been named the White House since 1901 when Theodore Roosevelt named it that during his presidency. The change is being demanded after weeks of racial strife and protests across the United States.

The petition, which started last week, already has enough signatures to be forwarded to the White House and if it reaches 100 million it can become law!!! We must stop these hoodlums!!!

The liberals have been doing everything that they can to remove anything that they consider to be racist or offensive. Like the confederate flag, or nooses, or other symbols of actual racism that most trump supporters think are good and wholesome.

Like Trump himself, who really is a racist piece of trash. Joe Barron, who was one of the first to sign the petition says it really is the “People’s House,” even though that big fat windbag currently occupies it.

These liberal leftists will stop at nothing to try and dismantle the racist history they say this nation was founded on. No matter what it is, they want it down, and it looks like they’re getting what they want. And conservatives across the country are none too happy about it.

They reminisce of a time where being openly racist was ok and the norm and thought that with the election of Trump, we’d be going back to that.

Well, they were wrong. Just as wrong as those symbols of hate were then, just like they are now. That history is finally being erased, and not at a moment too soon. 


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