Dixie Chicks Call Trump ‘Irrelevant,’ Donate $1 Million to BLM

The truth is right in front of you

The Dixie Chicks are back in the news again, after going missing for the past ten or so years. It appears that they have decided to try to become relevant again by poking their nose into politics and pandering to the politically correct crowd. They’ve even changed their name to just “The Chicks.”

Apparently that was not enough though, as they’re now attacking our President and donating to a known terrorist organization, BLM.

BLM is an organization that supports criminals and murderers. They provide funding, weapons, and even tanks to these thugs that have no regard for the rights of American citizens. Any organization that would support this, should be immediately defunded.

Hate group expert, Joe Barron, told us more about the group:

“Well this is a group that has a long history of supporting these types of violent people. They even help them cover up their crimes, hide evidence, and even plant evidence on their victims so they are found guilty. Blue Lives Matter can’t be considered anything other than a terrorist group. They should be on a federal watch list, but they’re not. The President even supports these criminals. It’s unbelievable really.”

This terrorist group has been allowed to thrive for far too long and is supported by very powerful people. If we are to become a free society, we must limit the power of this group. If not, we will face dire consequences and fall into fascism.

They cannot be allowed to win.

Oh, and the Chicks didn’t donate anything to anyone as far as we know, but who cares about facts anymore.

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