Protesters Remove Head from Lincoln Memorial, Call Him ‘A Racist Slave Owner’


The rioters and vandals that are roaming across America right now are nothing more than criminals. They have no high moral purpose and they have no real objectives. They just want to destroy everything in front of them.

They have been systematically taking down monuments to our history. From General Gran, to Columbus, to Benjamin Franklin, they are removing every tribute to our past that crosses their path. They don’t know why they are doing this. It certainly has nothing to do with the obvious racism of these statues.

This was evident today when the mob attacked the monument of Lincoln in Washington DC. Too big to actually take down or remove, the criminals settled for knocking off the great president’s head, “justifying” the action by referring to him as a racist and a slave owner.

The ridiculousness of this is overwhelming. This is the man who brought us the Emancipation Declaration of Independence. He freed the slaves. He’s one they should be honoring, not ranting against.

Yet even Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez agreed with their claims:

“American history is all about racism and slavery. Lincoln is no exception. I’m sure he owned them too. He just hid them well. Don’t kid yourself, America’s presidents have all loved owning people. That’s why they got into the business.

These people protesting on the streets aren’t stupid. Just because the right-wing doesn’t know our history, does not mean we don’t. Back then fraternal orders secretly ruled everything. Lincoln was bought and paid for by an evil cabal known as the Rotarians.

Do you want to talk deep state? Look at the Rotary Clubs. They have been the shadow government of America for centuries.”

Clearly, the protesters as well as Cortez are off their rockers. They know nothing about the history that they are destroying, and seem to be clueless about the workings of government. America cannot be left to these people. We would become laughingstocks.

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