Trump Unveils New Plan to ‘Flatten Antifla’


The world has recently learned of a new threat to the lives of decent and intelligent people everywhere in the world. These people are found on every continent. Recently, President Trump gave proper recognition to their danger by declaring them a terrorist group.

The name of the organization is Antifla. They prey our most basic instincts, trying their best to change our minds about the fundamental truths that we all know. Their ultimate goal is to convert the population to their way of thinking. That long-term goal in itself would threaten humanity but right now, the violent methods they use to try to achieve that end are the more immediate danger.

President Trump was very clear in his latest speech on the subject of Antifla, telling America and the world that he would protect them from the radical group’s lies:

“The Antiflas ignore logic and reason. They’ve tried to submit their false message to every corner of the earth, and think that our intelligence will fall off the edge of the earth like the waters of the ocean.

Enemy propaganda

But I am not that dumb. And neither are you. They know this so they know they cannot expect intelligent Americans to internalize their ridiculous notions. That is why they use violence and brainwashing methods to try to convince us. They cannot appeal to us intellectually so they try to do so by force.

As long as I am president, I will not let Antifla win. Suggesting that the earth is a ball is merely an attempt to bring about annihilation. They want us to walk off the edge. Don’t listen to them. We can keep each other safe and I will lead the way.“

That is why this is the greatest president we have ever seen. He has the ability to peer into the brains of those who threaten us. He understands the minds of the Antifla and the BIG GLOBE menace.

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