Over One Million Liberal Trolls Ordered Tickets To Tulsa Trump Rally

He’s still your president!!

Liberal trolls wreaked havoc on Glorious Leader President Trump’s Tulsa Rally, trying to get the event canceled altogether. It looks like these nasty liberal trolls were trying to stop the truth Trump was going to tell.

While they had their fun, little do they know that this cost the taxpayers a lot of money and the Trump Campaign Staff have all of their information, and they will be charged and arrested for this dastardly deed!!!

Liberal people, young and old, around the country and the world ordered tickets to the MAGA Event that they knew they weren’t showing up for in order to embarrass our President. They couldn’t take letting President Trump have his rally with billions of mindless followers, all willing to contract the coronavirus, all willing to sit there and be lied to by this second rate reality tv host.

Joseph Barron, a longtime Trump supporter couldn’t contain his anger when he heard this. He sat out there for five days before Trump arrived, in the Tulsa heat to catch a glimpse of the world’s biggest toddler.

“You know, if these people was workin’, pullin’ demselves up by der bootstraps, dey wouldn’t have time for all that bullhuckey!!!”

Completely forgetting the fact he sat there for five days, not working, waiting on his unemployment check to hit his direct deposit.

Godless liberals have been doing everything that they can to stop America being great and letting glorious dear leader Trump take his victory laps. Trump proved them wrong today by drinking a glass of water with one hand. ONE HAND!!!!!!

Could Obama do that? Of course, he could, but since he’s not a big fat orange pantywaist, it never needed to be celebrated.

Is this what America has come to? Trolling the president of the United States for fun??

We must not stand for it. We are Americans. Pretty soon there’s going to be satire news and channels dedicated to making fun of us proud Trump supporters and our chosen one, Donald J Trump.

Won’t anyone think of our feelings???? It’s not like we, or Trump, are snowflakes that need safe spaces like them!

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