Obama Led Tulsa Protests Against Trump

The truth is right in front of you

Obama has always plotted against President Trump. By spying on his campaign, leading the deep state, making nasty comments, and undermining Trump’s authority at every turn. Never before has a former President disrespected their successor so harshly and so openly.

Obama no longer has any role in government and no power to bring change, and yet he just doesn’t stop. He vowed to join those who were setting fire to and looting America. Yes, Barack Obama has publicly stated he actually led the protest against President Trump’s Tulsa Rally.

The protest that ultimately blocked thousands of patriotic Americans from seeing their President in person.

The former Kenyan-born president was outspoken about his reasons:

“Trump is the most unqualified president this country has ever seen. In fact, he may be the most unqualified leader the world has ever seen. We can’t take him anymore. He destroyed the economy I built. He separates people. Let’s face it, the man hates pretty much everyone. Literally everyone lands on his sh*t list at some point in time.

Given all that, it’s only a matter of time before he decides to nuke his own country. He wouldn’t risk dropping the bomb on other nations because it might hurt his dictator friends, but he clearly hates America and Americans so we should all fear for our lives. That is one of the reasons I am going to lead a protest at his stupid Tulsa Covid rally.

Mostly though, I’m just doing this because I love f**king with him. He’s the snowflake-in-chief!”

Reporters tried to ask Obama further questions about his motivation, but he had fallen into endless laughter, rolling on the floor, holding his gut, and gasping for air.

Only the Antifas are in those so-called protests. This proves again that Obama is nothing more than an American hating terrorist. He needs to be arrested now.

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