FBI Map Shows Enormity Of Antifa In America

The truth is right in front of you

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was aware of Antifa in America long before President Trump declared them a terrorist organization. They have always been known by the feds to be potentially violent and were watched closely.

As such, much data has been collected on the left-wing faction and they were well aware of the enormity of the movement. Now, some of that data has been released to the public and it will shock you.

According to the official Agent-In-Charge of Releasing Maps, Joe Barron, there are Antifa cells located in virtually every city and town across the country. A map showing the locations of the cells was released to the press, and on it, it is easily seen that no place is safe.

Senator Jason Bateman of Missouri offered his thoughts on the matter, stating that this is information that he had long known of and had warned about in the past:

“There are as many Antifa cells in this country as there are McDonald’s. It is atrocious in it’s enormity. The Justice Department ignored them for far too long and allowed them to grow into the monster of gargantuan proportions that they have now become.

One might say that they are too large now to fight. It said that their numbers are into nine figures, that they have recruited more than a third of the American population. That seems incomprehensible, but it may well be fact. More than a third of Americans may be against fascism.

Can you imagine? That many people have turned their backs on America and everything we hold dear. No matter. The forces of the federal government will still easily quash this terrorism. America will win and fascism will rise.”

Bateman’s confidence is welcome. His are the inspired words that every American patriot needs to hear.

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