Antifa Members Arrested for Defacing and ‘Dancing’ On Fred Trump’s Grave

The truth is right in front of you

It’s one thing for Antifa to have no respect for the living in America, and they don’t. They show this every day through riots and vandalism and assaults and curse words. But it’s quite another to disrespect the dead. It’s a new low for even for Antifa. Recently, they destroyed a veteran’s cemetery. Now, they are showing appalling disregard for the lives of deceased Americans.

Yesterday, in a quiet New York cemetery, five Antifa members were arrested for vandalism and trespassing. The five were in the cemetery for one purpose: to mar the memory of the man who created our president, Fred Trump.

Trump’s tombstone was vandalized, sprayed with graffiti that read, “Your wife should’ve swallowed.”

It was drawn in lipstick, which is obvious symbolism. Caretakers of the cemetery say that the marker cannot be cleaned and will have to be replaced.

But that was not the most disgusting deed of the night by these thugs. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered that the terrorist cell was dancing.

They danced particularly in one spot- directly on the grave of President Trump’s father. They were celebrating his death.

The five have been named by police. They are Joe Barron, Sandy Batt, Trish Blake, Brent Helmer, and Hugh Jass. They are currently being held without bail at Rikers.

One can only imagine the kind of heartbreak our president and his family must be going through after hearing this news. That was likely the troublemaker’s goal. This was just another effort to throw Trump off his game, to rattle his mind so that he might not make sound decisions. It never works though. Trump’s mind is strong and unaffected by these children Once again, President Trump wins as always.

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