Police Arrest President of CNN for Rioting in Atlanta

Repeal the First Amendment!

Atlanta police have reported the arrest of Sandy Batt, the president of CNN. Ms. Batt and several CNN reporters, including Joe Barron and Ann Teefa, were arrested while rioting in Atlanta over the murder of yet another unarmed Black man by police.

Ms. Batt and her gang of reporters from the Communist News Network claim that they were attending the protest as private citizens, not as employees of the Corrupt Not News network.

Nevertheless, when the Molotov cocktails started being thrown and windows smashed, Ms. Batt, Mr. Barron, and Ms. Teefa were caught on camera participating in the melee — wearing CNN T-shirts and ballcaps.

Atlanta police shoved their way through the crowd, ignoring many alabaster protestors who were lighting trash cans on fire and spray painting “BLM” on Confederate statues, to reach the off-duty CNN employees.

“We will not stand for these elitist, sniveling defenders of the First Amendment participating in this type of anarchy. They claim they were being peaceful, but we have a very fuzzy yet completely believable tape from Fox News of them waving signs very close to the faces of our extremely delicate police officers, leading to their justified arrest,” said Satchel de Richards, Atlanta’s chief of police.

Ms. Batt’s attorney responded:

“These three members of the press attended a protest on their own time. So what if they were wearing CNN garb. They had just gotten off work and were there to show their disgust about police killing ANOTHER unarmed Black man. We will dispute all charges, and we will win.”

Meanwhile, the rioters who actually *did* light stuff on fire, smash windows, and deface property are home with their families, wearing their MAGA hats and gloating over the fact that they got away with acting like hoodlums and pinning the destruction on peaceful protestors.

Welcome to America. This is 2020.

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