Trump Will Overrule SCOTUS Decision On DACA Through Executive Order

The truth is right in front of you

When Trump was running for president, he promised to get rid of the foreign criminal element in America. He built a wall and he put an end to the Obama created DACA program which allowed illegal immigrants to legally stay in the country.

Today the Supreme Court betrayed President Trump by overruling him on his DACA decision. As if that wasn’t enough, they went on to say that his action in bringing the program to an end was an illegal one. That’s right. They accused our president of committing a crime.

President Trump knows that such an accusation is ludicrous. As president, he makes the laws. Nothing the court says can change that. This is simply another case of a judicial system trying to run the government instead of doing their own jobs.

But they don’t run the government. They were not elected by “we the people.”

That’s why President Trump will be issuing an executive order to put his plans through, thereby overturning the Scotus decision. Word of this came through some guy at the White House today:

“The Supreme Court? Are you freaking kidding me? They have no power to go against the president. Did they really think this would last?

The only thing is court session did was waste the taxpayers money and President Trump knows this. He was fuming when he heard the news and vowed revenge. What that means exactly is anyone’s guess but dismantling the court is not out of the question. In the meantime, though, the DACA end is still a thing. It’s done. Over. Finito. No more. Gone. Say goodbye to your illegal neighbors and friends.“

Finally, we have a president with the cojones to take charge in government. This has long been needed especially after the spineless Barack Obama. The government needs a firm hand and can’t have silly judicial law getting in his way.

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