Washington Redskins Acknowledge Their Racism And Promise A Name Change

The truth is right in front of you

In the weeks of protests and riots all over the country, many companies are bowing down to the liberals and changing the way they do business. Already, “COPS” has been taken off the air, Aunt Jemima syrup will no longer be made, and now the NFL has decided to do some pandering of their own.

The Washington Redskins have had their name and their logo for almost 100 years. They’ve ignored the snowflake cries that have insisting it is racist and have never wavered by changing their uniforms and merchandise. But now it seems that they’ve become snowflakes themselves.

Just this morning, team President and Owner, Joe Barron, announced to the staff that he maybe possibly thinking about making changes to the rich history of the team. Among those unlikely changes will be altering the team’s name and permanent removal of the name from football’s tradition. A source inside the team told us that the conversation went something like this:

“They’re putting the pressure on. They’re going to come for us next. No our headdress guy isn’t black, but that’s not gonna matter for long. He’s still brown and he makes me laugh and they don’t like that.

So I’m looking for new name ideas. And logos. Bring them to me. Anything you’ve got I will consider. If nothing decent comes my way, I’ve already spoken to the owner of the Cleveland Indians, and he will probably just let me steal their old logo and we’ll call ourselves ‘The Wahoos.’ That way, we can announce that we are making a change but not really do so and will be sticking it to them.“

American sports should not be touched. There’s nothing disrespectful about this portrayal of a proud, indigenous people using racist slang. What could anybody see in that name other than happiness and strength? This must be stopped.

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