Pelosi Demands Statues of Founding Fathers Be Removed from Capitol Building

Nancy Pelosi has nothing but disdain for America and its history. She shows this in her every action. She raises taxes, pushes socialized medicine, supports abortion, and hates the President. These are all un-American acts, but her latest act is far worse than any of those. She claims the founding fathers were racists, and wants their legacy erased.

Today, Pelosi demanded that all statues of slave-owning Founding Fathers will be removed by the end of the month. She went on to explain her decision to the press in attendance:

“These were bad people, okay. They were male and they owned slaves. That’s two offenses right there. They do not deserve to be honored with these statues. But to be honest, the real reason I want to remove these statues is to spite Trump. That’s what matters most, getting back at him for what he’s done to me. That’s my job as Speaker of the House.

These statues will all he gone by midnight on the last day of the month, or there will be hell to pay. That, I can promise you. If they are not gone, I will be forced to take drastic action.”

That sounds an awful lot like a threat. That is why Republicans are opening a new investigation into Pelosi’s alcoholism. She is drunk and very dangerous. Republican leaders hope to have her impeached by the end of the year, but it’s not looking good, as they are about to lose more seats in November.

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