Trump to Take Away NFL Tax Breaks if Players Kneel

The truth is right in front of you

The NFL has been going downhill in recent years. It all started when the traitorous Collin Kaepernick decided to defecate on our nation’s flag during the national anthem. Never before has someone disrespected so many people at once, and to do it on national television is extra salt in the pound of those who love our great nation.

Donald Trump has had enough.

President Trump has announced a new executive order that will get rid of the NFL’s tax cuts if their players continue to kneel during the anthem:

“These people are bad, okay. The flag is good and they should respect it. If they don’t respect it, it makes them bad. I won’t tolerate these bad people disrespecting our tremendous flag.

To prevent this, I have instructed my Treasury secretary to reverse all tax breaks given to the NFL if they can’t control their people. If a single person disrespects the flag, the taxes will be back, bigly. This is tremendous progress in restoring our national pride for generations to come.”

Senator Joe Barron agrees with the order:

“That’s my President right there. Obama wouldn’t have protected our flag. He was too busy worrying about the issues. He never cared about our flag. He even disrescted it himself by wearing a tan suit in the presence of the flag. No other President has ever done that, yet the liberals said nothing. They are hypocrites.”

This is great news for all Americans. The flag is the single most important thing about America. It’s not just a piece of cloth, it’s a living thing that embodies America. Of we focus on it, we can ignore all other issues, as the flag is the only one worthy of getting upset about.


  1. YES! For resurrecting the bone head jock stereotype but too proud to realize it. Paid unimaginable salaries for doing what they love in the only place in the world which they then piss on. Their injuries are well deserved.

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