Leaked: NASCAR to Crown Bubba Wallace as This Year’s Champion

The truth is right in front of you

Duck Dynasty, WWE, and NASCAR. The final forms of entertainment out there that have never been scripted. We thought they never would be, yet the America’s Last Line of Defense network has learned that NASCAR has already determined that Bubba Wallace, driver of the Number 43 Black Lives Matter ANTIFA car will be crowned as champion at the conclusion of this season.

How the prestige of the number 43 has fallen.

Investigative reporter Art Tubolls uncovered a copy of the script and described it.

“It had a pink cover and looked like someone’s kid drew in it. The cars they draw were adorable!

Anyway, it’s gonna be a three driver race down the stretch between Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, and Chase Elliott. Bubba Wallace is going to be somewhere between 5th and 7th in points, far enough away to not be considered a legitimate contender but close enough that if enough things go his way, he could pull it off.

And go his way they will. Wallace will make his move in the Texas 500, winning outright while all of the drivers in front of him will finish in the middle of the pack, which will push him to 3rd, behind only Elliott and Harvick. Each of the 3 will finish in the top 5 in Martinsville.

The three will be running neck and neck in Phoenix. With about 20 laps to go, Harvick and Elliott will collide with each other paving the way for Wallace to win the Cup.”

This once-proud sport was the envy of all of the others when they were flying the Southern Cross. Now they are just pandering to a bunch of liberals who probably want them all to drive no faster than 55 miles per hour in electric vehicles to “save the planet.”

Boycott NASCAR for a better entertainment future and help to stop the erosion against our history.

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