Antifa to Become an Official NASCAR Sponsor

The truth is right in front of you

NASCAR has done a lot of un-American things lately. They’ve violated the First Amendment by banning the stars and bars from flying at their tracks, they’ve pushed their liberal agenda by making drivers kneel for the anthem, and they’ve even observed Muslamic holidays by having their drivers pray to Allah. But all of that pales in comparison to what they’re doing now – making Antifa an official sponsor of NASCAR.

We reached out to NASCAR for comment, but they did not respond. Instead, we got the infamous Joe Barron to give us a quote:

“Antifa is going to sponsor NASCAR for the 2021 season. They have been a great partner for us in the past, and we hope to continue that strong relationship going forward. This decision will benefit all parties involved.

As everyone knows, we hate American history. That’s why we banned the confederate flag. So who betetr to represent our ideals than Antifa? It’s a great partnership between two organizations that share the same ideals.”

Well, there you have it. This confirms what we have suspected all along — that Antifa is in league with many major corporations around the world. They have infiltrated every aspect of America, and need to be stopped. President Trump needs to step in and ban NASCAR and all corporations that support Antifa.

The future liberals want

In the meantime, we can boycott NASCAR and hit them where it hurts. Money is the only language they understand. Us true patriots will not lose. God is on our side, just as he was during the Civil War.


  1. This is a bunch of made-up shit that’s 100% untrue posted by racist Trumptards trying to stir up more shit. It’s photo-shopped, and not very well, I might add. That rear quarter panel has a green and white American Ethanol logo on the real BLM car.

  2. Anonymous: you must feel so proud of yourself for discovering that this satire site photoshopped a picture. My gosh, how do you hold your skull together with all those brains squishing out like that?
    Go drink more of that Koolaid, you fucking moron.

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