Trump Announces Plan to Double the Size of America’s Police Forces

President Trump never wants to see a repeat of what American cities have witnessed in these past few weeks. He is the “Law and Order” President and will stop at nothing to ensure every corner of America is safe for law-abiding citizens.

While he is bringing forth many measures to ensure our future safety, none will be more effective than his plan to add boots on the street. He has determined that there are not enough of them and that it’s about time something was done about it.

In the coming weeks, Trump is expected to announce a plan to increase funding to law enforcement across the country so that they may increase the size of their police forces. The money will be for hiring purposes only with substantial enough increases to allow every major city to double the size of their policing army.

Democrats are appalled by this idea. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ranted against it:

“President Trump is trying to turn America into a police state. He doesn’t want anybody to be able to have any fun. That sucks.“

New Jersey police chief, Joe Barron, however, holds the opposite view:

“This has always been needed in American cities. We are relieved that we finally have a president with the gumption to do what needs to be done to properly rid the country of crime. With this many troops, criminals don’t stand a chance.

Thank you President Trump!“

Once we see President Trump’s plan put into action, we can all expect amazing changes to happen right before our eyes. Once again, we will be able to leave our doors unlocked and walk at night without a care.

Young women will be able to walk the streets without a stitch of clothing and have no fear of assault. Drugs will disappear. Those with money, even millions of dollars, will be able to openly display and flaunt their wealth in front of others who are less fortunate, knowing they will not be robbed.

All of this will be possible because nobody would dare try anything against such an impressive number of officers ready to take them down. It will be a utopia.

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