NASCAR Files for Bankruptcy as a Result of Conservative Boycotts

The truth is right in front of you

NASCAR made a horrible business decision when they tried to silence the free speech of millions of Americans by denying them their right to fly the confederate flag. However, it seems their comeuppance was swift, as they have already been forced to file bankruptcy as a result of a successful conservative boycott of all things NASCAR.

We asked NASCAR for comment, and their spokesman, Joe Barron, gave us this statement:

“We shouldn’t have stepped on their rights. It’s that simple. We made a bad choice and we are deeply sorry. We underestimated the power of a conservative boycott and we now realize we have to listen to this large portion of the population who have been silenced for too long. We are reversing the flag ban hope the confederates will forgive us. We really need their money right now. We are hurting for cash. That’s why we filed bankruptcy.

We beg you. Please come back. We’re sorry. We desperately need you. We don’t want to go broke. You can have your flags back. Please take us back!”

This just proves what conservative patriots have always known – that Republicans matter and they demand to be heard. If liberals don’t do what we like, we can pretend to do something like boycotting.

It works – just like it did when we boycotted Target for letting grown men use the ladies’ room. And now we pretend to care when they get looted. The country will start to listen to conservatives now that we have hit their wallets.


  1. Well NASCAR we dont want you back .and we still have our flags the problem is you dont. So go kiss your black man ass and feet like you did before we dont need you anymore .we still the dirt tracks. Country folk will surely survive…

      • The apology is only half assed. The door pull incidence needs to be addressed completely. Race fans will always reward talent, no matter the race.

        • Look at these comments. It was the fake door pull incident that made folks boycott, not Confederate flags as much. This fake article ignores the hate hoax and falsely paints Republicans as “Confederates.” Republicans will join Confederates to boycott hate hoaxes, to protect free speech and the rule of law.

    • Fuck Nascar thats was no way to say you were wrong but you can always fire all your whites drivers and get some ghetto black drivers in them because they sure know how to driver a stolen car

  2. Really I wish & hope this is true, but it is fake news. Let see how they will survive without patriots and conservatives.

    • How can you be a patriot and support a cause that was treasonous to the US government. They wanted to overthrow the republic of the United States of America. You do know this is what your supporting don’t you. Mount Vernon cemetery was Robert E Lee’s plantation before the war but it was taken from him when he was charged with treason.
      Southern pride is a way of laidback living not a neo Nazi , white supremacist, kkk symbol.
      What are you being patriotic to because it isn’t america

  3. It wasn’t just about the flag it was also about the disrespect to our nation and allowing them to take a knee. Bullshit Nascar

  4. Definition of satire. 1 : a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn. 2 : trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly

  5. the only way i would take nascar back, bubba has to go and bring back kyle larson. this driver has done way more for nascar than bubba ever will. bring racing back to the south. this is fake news

    • I agree. It’s a fake article to lump Republicans and Nascar fans with Confederate racists. It completely ignored the hate hoax scandal, the real cause of the boycott.

  6. Nonessential business. I’ll be spending my time and money at our local rodeo. You will never see this type of behavior there.

  7. they got what they wanted , Maybe Richard Petty { who i use to love and respect ] ,will be next,,, he could have prevented it !!!!!!!!

  8. I have not watched a race since the fake noose fiasco. Had my money returned from the rescheduled Texas race. I AM DONE WITH NASCAR AND NFL. .Booby Wallace WHITE FATHER I am sure is so proud for helping sinking NASCAR. See there is no privilege in claiming his white half . Thus he plays his black race card and gets all the BLACK PRIVILEGE !!!!

  9. Damn people … even with it telling you it’s fake you still believe it. That makes me wonder how many of you aren’t smart enough to NOT drink out of the toilet

  10. now if this is true and they wants us the fans back. Take away your stupid three heats races and go home and your stupid chase. I know hundreds that have let because this is not NASCAR this is now one big joke

  11. NASCAR has a ton of dough and they haven’t even touched their line of credit. Of course that being said giving your biggest market segment the big old middle finger seems like not the best marketing plan.

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