Audits Show California Antifa Received State Funding

The truth is right in front of you

Since taking over the federal government, President Trump has been “checking the books“ of smaller governments, both at state and city levels, throughout the country and as a result of his efforts, every state that has so far received this treatment has saved countless dollars through cost-cutting measures.

These audits also have another benefit in that they often reveal criminal activity through theft or the allocation of funds to criminal enterprises, as was the case in the State of California.

In the case of California, President Trump took a personal interest and examined their finances himself, knowing that their accounting would be particularly atrocious and further knowing that he alone could fix it. He has confirmed that he examined every ledger entry thoroughly and, in doing so, found something both shocking and atrocious.

President Trump noticed a series of unusual payments and, through an impressive display of forensic accounting, he was able to trace their destination to several mysterious accounts which were obviously fraudulent charities.

Further analysis showed where the money really went… to the terrorist faction of Antifa. Trumpie spokesman, Joe Barron, explains how it was that Trump recognized the fraud:

“The payments in question were received by groups not looking for cures for cancer or end to poverty or even world hunger. Rather, the receiving parties were factions of the United Nations, namely, UNICEF and WHO.

These, as you know, have been revealed to be fraudulent schemes created by China in the deep state for purposes of undermining our country and fueling unrest through radical left wing terrorism. It was an immediate red flag.

Many would have missed that, but not our president. His genius saved the day.“

Our president does it all. It seems like there’s nothing he can’t do. We are perhaps the most fortunate country in the world for having him lead us.

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