Trump Passes Law Giving Looting Thugs Over 18 Harsher Prison Terms

The truth is right in front of you

This country is based on the principles of law and order, not lawbreaking and fighting the government through acts of revolt. This country is nothing if people do not respect authority. No one knows this better than Donald Trump.

People over 18 should know better than to loot and steal, that is why our great President Donald Trump is seeking to increase the penalties for these crimes for those over 18.

Here is what the President had to say about his proposed plan:

“Stephen Miller tells me that his people want me to penalize people over 18. They tell me he has some crime chart or something. We will go with it. It’s a good plan, tremendous plan. These thugs over 18 need harsher sentences. Perhaps lifetime imprisonment with hard labor. We will look into that. We can make America great again with all that labor. They decided to loot and destroy, so they will rebuild for life. Many people tell me this is a tremendous idea.”

Stephen Miller’s crime chart

Democrats are already condemning the remarks, saying it’s “equivalent to slavery.” Pelosi told the media, “It’s blatantly racist and I will not stand for it.”

The Democrats don’t know what they’re on about.

This plan is not racist at all. It’s based on a number, not the color of one’s skin. Democrats are always eager to play the race card before they know what they’re talking about. They speak before they think if they even think at all.

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