Obama Foundation Starts Bail Fund for ‘Unjustly Arrested’ Rioters

The truth is right in front of you

When the country is falling apart, fueled by the violence of anti-American socialist anarchist fascist factions, most patriots feel that past presidents should condemn them and side with the government. Barack Obama doesn’t see it that way.

Obama, through his charitable foundation, has started a fund to raise bail money for those arrested by police in various cities across the country. Called “The First Amendment Freedom Fund,” it claims that law enforcement did not have the right to arrest any ‘protesters’ in these past days, whether peaceful or violent, as they were simply exercising their First Amendment rights.

The Foundation’s website contains words:

“These people, for various means, have simply been expressing themselves. There’s nothing illegal about this and to shut it down is unconstitutional. Once again, President Trump is showing a disdain for constitutional rights and we cannot tolerate this.

The Obama Foundation is throwing all of its resources into helping these great Americans who are under the boot of American fascism. This is our show of solidarity with the protesters.

The vast majority of the money being used came from Trump stimulus packages so our other ventures remain funded and functioning. So, in essence, it is President Trump who’s freeing the people. He just doesn’t know it, the stupid turd.”

Obama is a good-for-nothing yellow-bellied traitor! President Trump is proving he is the President of Law and Order while Obama is showing once again that he is opposed to that.

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