Formula One Racing Welcomes Confederate Flags in Their Stands

The truth is right in front of you

NASCAR made an unconstitutional and foolish business decision to ban the Confederate flag at their events. This move was met with fire and fury the world has never seen. In doing this, NASCAR alienated the majority of its fans. These patriots are now looking to fill their racing void, and Formula One Racing seems ready to fill it by announcing that they will be welcoming the Confederate flag with open arms at their racing events.

Today, F1 spokesman, Joe Barron, gave us his thoughts on their decision to allow the Confederate flag at their events:

“At F1, we feel sorry for you pathetic fools who cling with such misplaced pride to a flag which symbolizes all the America opposes. While it’s likely you do so because you are racist and hateful, we have chosen to optimistically view you as simply stupid. Come to us.”

This is why capitalism and free markets are so great. If you don’t like one company, you can support another one of your choosing. We must remember this when we vote, as socialist Democrats want to take these choices away from us along with our First Amendment rights.

We hope this lawsuit will show the world how backwards we really are. The irony of wanting a losers’ flag at a racing event should not be lost on anyone. Confederates have never won, and now they will never win at racing. We are grateful that F1 honors our history by allowing the traitorous flag to fly.

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