19 Police Unions Suing Democrat Party Over Defunding and ‘Blue Oppression’

The Truth Is Right In Front Of You

Nineteen police unions across the country have filed suit in federal courts over defunding and oppressive tactics used by the democrat party which is now being called “blue oppression.” The suit stems from democrats across America looking to defund police departments over what they call “police brutality.”

Other unions and departments are looking to join the lawsuit soon.

Democrats have called for investigations into police departments after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer. They say that police are killing people of color at an alarming rate and that police use oppressive and brutal tactics against people they suspect of any type of crime, even parking tickets, even though these people are generally compliant to the police.

Joseph Barron, Union Leader of a police union in Missouri is one of the 19 suing the democrats.

“How will we be able to do our jobs?? This is an outrage. These tactics we use have been in place for a long time, it’s how we flex our muscle.

Barron went on to say that without being able to nearly murder people over a marijuana possession charge leaves the lives of police officers with little to no meaning.

“We’ve been beating people so long, that it’s commonplace now”, adding the additional pain of watching tv programs like COPS and Live PD are really an inconvenience for police officers, as some of it is propaganda for police, and others use the shows for tips on how to violate black people’s civil rights in new and innovative ways.

The lawsuit is being praised by Donald Trump, who believes “there are very fine people in the police department, especially ones that love me!” 

He tweeted his support for police tactics that use violence as a way to make himself feel tough, as his small hands and huge fat body make it nearly impossible to look imposing.