Biden Wants to Disarm the National Guard When Elected

The truth is right in front of you

We already know Democrats want to defund and demolish every police force in the country in order to advance their socialist schemes. They threaten us with this every day. But they won’t stop there. That’s not enough for them. Today, Joe Biden announced his intention of disarming the National Guard when he becomes President.

“Look, we don’t need these uneducated college dropouts having these weapons of war. If they’re so tough, they can use their fists, and if they pass some extra de-escalation training, maybe they can have some billy clubs. But only if they have an extensive background check first.

We have the greatest army in the world. This is because of our people, not weapons. We must show the world how great we are at peace. We can win wars without weapons. We don’t need ’em. How’s that, Corn Pop?”

These are very dangerous words coming from someone that wants to be President of the United States. How can someone like this be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces? He’d have them fighting with broomsticks! This man can not be allowed to become President.

Republican Congressman, Joe Barron said that he will vote to impeach Joe Biden immediately:

“I say we take a preemptive strike against the Democrats. If we impeach him now, he won’t be allowed to be President according to the Constitution. We can beat the Democrats at their own game – the game that they can’t win.”

This is good news. Joe Biden is too dangerous to be President. We will be invaded by China on day one if he wins.