Los Angeles Council Passes Vote to Eliminate Law Enforcement Entirely

Democrats have long been known to favor criminals over law-abiding citizens. They hate the police and have encouraged people to fight against them. Now they are taking this hatred one step further.

All across the country, in Democrat-held cities, votes have been passed to defund police departments, leaving the cities open to lawlessness and anarchy. This is ridiculous thinking that will surely lead to the ruin of America.

The City of Los Angeles has now jumped on this bandwagon. Yesterday, the LA City Council voted unanimously to eliminate any form of law enforcement within the city altogether. The presence of police or federal forces within the city limits will become illegal, and any found to be violating this law will be swiftly arrested.

California Republican Representative, Joe Barron, could not contain his outrage regarding this decision as he made the following statement:

“This idiot council wants to do away with law and order in one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country. What are they smoking?

This will lead to absolute disaster. The thugs will rule the city within days with nobody to stop them. The Council has basically awarded Los Angeles to druglords. And they won’t stop with LA. The capture of that city will give these kingpins immense power with which they will surely expand outward. The entire state is in jeopardy.”

Barron is not wrong. Even with police boots on the ground, criminality in Los Angeles is out of control and cannot be contained. Criminals are not suddenly going to become good people because nobody’s chasing them. That’s not how it works. President Trump needs to step in to stop this madness.

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