Newsom Grants Antifa Tax Immunity as a ‘Qualified Religion’

The truth is right in front of you

Antifa is the personification of evil anti-American behavior. They can’t stand that America is great, so they try to bring us down to their level. One such way they are doing this is by Declaring themselves a religion, thus avoiding federal taxation. This was made possible by none other than Californian Governor Gavin Newsom, who granted Antifa’s request to be considered a “qualified religion.”

Here is what Newsom had to say about the decision:

“Joe Barron and the leaders of Antifa came to me and asked to be considered a religious organization. I figured they may as well be, since they are a peaceful group, they could be considered a religion of peace. They already have an LLC in all 50 states, so they are pretty legit. They could use the tax break.

So from now on, they are given full rights and privileges of a religious group, including freedom from taxation and freedom to lie to their followers to extort money out of them.

This move makes us a stronger country, protecting the freedom of religion and freedom of speech of all Americans. This is a step that will lead to good things for us.”

This is an unconstitutional action taken by an unconstitutional governor. Republicans are condemning the move, saying that it is “illegal and shameful.”

We definitely agree. It is shameful that these “religions” can get away with influencing voters and making money, but not paying a dime in taxes. This needs to stop.

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