Congressional Term Limit Order to Be Announced by Trump

Americans across the country are tired of the corruption in Washington from career politicians. They want the government to look after their interests, not the interests of multi-million dollar conglomerates who provide the congressman with “perks”……or “bribes” as they are commonly called.

Citizens have been wanting term limits on Congress for years. President Trump made a promise to attend to this and it looks as though he is following through, as he does with all of his promises, especially the one about draining the swamp.

The latest rumors out of Washington suggest that Trump will be signing an executive order in the coming weeks that would set a limit on the number of terms both Representatives of the House and members of the Senate will legally be allowed to serve. Word from the Democrat camp suggests that they are scared.

Joe Barron is the political analyst for the Dunning-Kruger Times, based in Washington DC. He was kind enough to offer his take on what is going on:

“Of course, the Democrats are scared. They have been living high on the hog for decades. Corporate donors set them up to always be reelected and those same donors line the Democrat pockets so that they can get what they want, the American people be damned. It’s been the perfect crime.

This is the moment that they have all dreaded the most: Trump making good on his promise to bring change that will undoubtedly remove them from office. Now you’re going to see them pull out everything they have left in their bag of tricks to prevent this from happening. Expect another impeachment soon.”

The swamp continues to be drained by the only President that has ever kept his promise to expel Washington of its corporate corruption and cronyism.

Truly, President Trump will go down in history as the greatest we have ever seen.

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