Leaders of Antifa Finally Unmasked by FBI Investigation

The truth is right in front of you

Antifa is the largest and most organized terror organization since Nazi Germany. This is well known, as their reign of terror has ruined countless American businesses and lives. People have long been wondering who the leader of this insidious group is, and we finally have the answer.

According to a bombshell report by the Dunning-Kruger Institute, the leaders of Antifa are none other than Candice Benoit of Nantucket, Colorado, and Pilar Longfellow of Scarif, California. These two traitors to America have long been trying to undermine our President, capitalism, and the American way. These two malcontents founded Antifa in 2016 after Donald Trump won because they are whiny brats that don’t like authority.

Counterterrorism expert, Joe Barron, had this to say about the revelation:

“These two have been trouble for quite some time. Candice is some sort of gritty renegade that hates America so much and wants to defund the police. That’s a fascist act in and of itself.

And these people claim to be against fascism? They just don’t respect authority.

Pilar is the other one. She’s a troublemaker for sure. We’ve been searching for her for a long time, but the antifa mask always throws off our 5G facial recognition cameras all over the country. She also hates the police and is therefore a terrorist.

I’m glad we’ve found out who these people are. There arrests are imminent and they will be charged with treason.”

This is great news for America. With its leaders captured, Antifa will collapse. They are a well-organized group, and without this leadership, they won’t know what to do anymore.

Thank you President Trump for stopping these traitors. Mission accomplished.

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