Kaepernick Applauds Rioters for ‘Exercising Their 16th Amendment Right’

The truth is right in front of you

Colin Kaepernick became famous a few years ago when he began to kneel at football games, for what he called a protest, against police brutality. The country wasn’t fooled, however. We all recognized his actions for what they were…a hateful display of disrespect for our soldiers and veterans.

Now Kaepernick has stepped back into the spotlight with comments on the protests that turned into riots in several corners of the country. But he did not speak out in condemnation, of course. He was full of praise for the rioters.

Kaepernick made this fictitious speech about the 16th Amendment before reporters today in the city at the heart of it all, Minneapolis.

“God bless each and everyone of these people in the streets of our cities all over the country who are making America a better place. These are true Americans, the type of people who move America forward.

What is one really saying when one grabs a TV out of a store front window or burns an AutoZone to the ground? I’ll tell you what. That person is saying that America owes them. They paid their taxes like all responsible Americans and now they need to get something for their money.

America is built on the principles of the dollar. You solid get what you paid for. Also, Trump is a sphincter.”

There it is. Kneeling boy is calling looters ‘heroes.’ That is exactly how he saw himself when he wished harm upon all of our fighting men and women overseas and when he spit on our flag. He obviously doesn’t know anything about what the 16th Amendment is about. This man is a disgrace. Deport him.

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