Every Former President Disapproves of Trump’s Protest Response

They Should Keep Their Mouths Shut!!!

Usually, when a current president of the United States does something “controversial” former presidents do not comment on it.

Now, they can’t keep their mouths shut, mainly because being paid by Soros and the Deep State mean more to these un-American turds than supporting our glorious dear leader, Donald J Trump.

Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama all released statements that were in opposition to the President’s response to the civil unrest happening in our country. The letters, written on each former president’s website, were all critical of President Trump’s handling of the nationwide protests. Some said he is way too heavy-handed while others said that he is in violation of the spirit of the presidency and the constitution.

Barack Obama was the most vocal in his displeasure and disdain on how Trump is handling of the protests, calling Trump an, “Authoritarian, like his dictator friends in North Korea and Russia that he wants to emulate.”

Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were in unison in their approaches, saying that Trump was going too far and he should never be using the military to calm the protests. Clinton also alluded to Melania not sleeping with the President, saying he needs, “his pipes cleaned” and he’d be “less bitchy.”

George W. Bush had the most to say, though.

“People said I was an idiot, but holy sh*t, Trump is a train wreck combined with a car crash and a jetliner going down.”

As Joseph Barron interviewed him about his statement, Bush continued on, “look, I may have been the worst president, at the time, but that was then. At least I’m not a racist, sexist, twitler in Chief who hides his sorry bum in bunkers because he knows people hate him!” 

Bush continued on disparaging the current President, saying things that are just not fit to us to print. He ended calling Trump a “fat little orange toddler fatso bobatso.

Former presidents have never spoken like this, but that Soros money must be too much to turn a blind eye to!

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