Biden to Hire Taylor Swift and Dixie Chicks to Write New National Anthem

Joe Biden’s patriotism has never been questioned, because there isn’t any.  Now he’s betraying one of his closest childhood friends, Francis Scott Key, who authored a little poem in 1814 that was eventually called…oh, I don’t know…THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER, that was adopted as the National Anthem for the United States of America in 1931.

America’s Last Line of Defense’s lead investigative reporter Art Tubolls uncovered a memo from the Biden campaign that has a new national anthem on the agenda.  Worse, he will commission Taylor Swift and the Dixie Chicks to write it.

Tubolls also uncovered Biden’s outline of the new song.

“It’s a liberal’s dream.  They kept the word free.  Instead of some concept that they believe has to do with a militarized police state, it will mean free healthcare, free elections, free education, and a free society.  The song is supposed to be a tribute to the hard work and determination of Americans, to the contributions of immigrants, and the promise of a bright future.

They’re even going to let Taylor sing about her last breakup in there somewhere if she wants.  Obviously no one will be able to relate to this type of national anthem because the ideas behind it are pure unadulterated crap.”

The Biden campaign views the Star Spangled Banner as antiquated, racist, and obsolete.  Since no one in his family ever did anything to serve our great nation, he would not understand sacrifice and a sense of duty like our current great President.

If Frederick Douglass was dead, he’d be rolling in his grave over all of this.  Keep our national anthem great again.  Vote straight Republican.  It’s what Francis Scott Key would want you to do.

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