AOC Wants Medicare Cut To Fund Socialized Medicine

The truth is right in front of you

If there’s one thing the Democrats are consistent about, it’s pushing their communist ideals. From welfare to food stamps, to universal healthcare, they want to have a socialist paradise where nobody ever works, yet everybody gets everything they want.

On the question of how to pay for these pie-in-the-sky dreams of theirs, Democrats are speaking of cuts to the most beloved of American institutions and programs. Most often targeted for elimination in the past has been Social Security. Now they’re after Medicare.

NY Representative AOC has proposed eliminating the currently existing Medicare benefit from the existence. And what does she want to replace it with? You guessed it, socialized medicine. This is something that can always be counted on. If the Democrats want to cut any program funded by the government, they want to replace it with a super commie socialist version that will inevitably fail and will drive the country deep into debt.

Cortez briefly described her proposal before the press today:

“No, this is not Obamacare. This is something entirely different but composed of the same everything. We thought this time around we would give it a name that would appeal to everyone. ‘The Affordable Care Act.’ That sounds right. It indicates that you’ll be cared for and that you’ll be able to afford it! Perfect. Maybe we’ll throw the words ‘super patriotic’ or something in front. We’ll see.”

We stopped their first attempt at communist healthcare and will stop this one too. Nothing good can come from it and the majority of Americans know it. This bill will never become the American way.

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